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that gets your message across.


Free initial consultation

In a free consultation, I will discuss your speechwriting needs and develop a bespoke costed plan for how I can help you. 

Father-of-the-bride client

“You captured my personality and presented to me a fantastic speech. I would recommend you to anyone that requires your services. Thank you so much for making my daughter's  big day extra special."

A great speech can change the world.

You have ideas and you want to convey them to your listeners. It sounds simple, but crafting the perfect speech takes time and dedication. You need to distil your thinking into an engaging, effective speech.

In my career, I have addressed courts, boardrooms, dinners and more. I have written for leading corporate figures and senior politicians, as well as being regularly published in the national press and appearing on radio and television. I know how to take complex ideas and render them into a narrative that your audience will remember.

Whether you are looking for help with a wedding speech, a corporate presentation, or an address to the nation, I can help you.

My bespoke service begins with understanding your aims. I will understand not just what you are trying to say, but what you are trying to achieve, and get to know your personal presentation style. Whether it is a speech to a few dozen, or a few thousand, I will work with you to provide a bespoke solution which suits both you and your audience.  

The Process

The Initial Consultation

We speak for around 30 minutes, by phone, video or in person. I get to understand a bit more about the speech you want to give and the message you want to convey.  I then give you a bespoke quotation for your speech, with transparent pricing and agreed timelines for delivery. 

The Speechwriting Consulation

We speak for up to 90 minutes about the content of your speech. For a speech for a personal event, this will include sharing the stories you want to draw on. For a more professional speech, I will ask you about the information, facts, figures and ideas you want to convey. After this consultation, I will have all of the information I need to craft the perfect speech for you.

The Drafting

I produce a bespoke first draft for you, incorporating your message and tailored to your style and personality. I ordinarily include two rounds of tweaks and minor edits to perfect the speech, before providing you with a full final draft. 

On request, I can provide a version in note-card form to aid delivery too. 

For an extra fee, I can provide fully developed coaching on how to deliver the perfect speech. 

Free initial consultation

In a free consultation, I will discuss your speechwriting needs, and develop a bespoke costed plan for how I can help you. 

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Bespoke Speechwriting

John Oxley is an experienced writer providing evocative and eloquent speeches for any occasion, from boardroom to wedding breakfast. 

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